What to Expect

The ATV RiderCourse is exciting and fun!  No matter your experience level, you’ll come away a better rider.

The ATV RiderCourse is a half-day, hands-on training session. In other words, it’s an exciting ATV riding school, geared toward both kids and adults. It includes discussions and demonstrations of safe riding strategies, pre-ride inspection, riding posture, and hands-on exercises to help you learn or improve starting and stopping, quick turns, hill riding, emergency stopping and swerving, and riding over obstacles safely. You’ll also learn about protective gear (like a proper ATV helmet), local regulations, places to ride, and how to protect the environment.

ATV RiderCourse Overview

  1. Introduction to the ATV RiderCourse
  2. Range Signals, Rules and Warm-up Exercises
  3. Controls and Starting the Engine
  4. Starting Out, Shifting Gears and Braking
  5. Turning
  6. Take a Break
  7. Riding Strategies
  8. Riding in Circles and Figure 8
  9. Quicker Turns
  10. Sharp Turns
  11. Take a Break
  12. Quick Stops and Swerves
  13. Quick Stops in a Turn
  14. Riding Over Obstacles
  15. Take a Break
  16. Safe and Responsible Riding Practices
  17. U-Turns and Traversing Hills
  18. Circuit or Trail Ride
  19. Wrap-up and Review

Proper ATV training and continued practice are the best ways to develop the skills you need to ride safely under all conditions. The more skilled you become, the more you will enjoy your ATV.